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JS Frequent Questions
Question:  Choosing a concrete contractor?
There are many things to consider when choosing a reputable concrete contractor.  Reference checks will ensure the quality of your project as outlined by previous clientele.  It is imortant that your contractor can provide proper insurance coverage for employees present on your property.  Knowing the background of the company, specifically how long have they been in business and completed projects similar to yours? Does your concrete contractor use locally purchased materials and use local sub-trades? 
Question:  Why choose concrete?
If concrete has been placed properly by a reputable contractor and is maintained, it should last for many decades.  Concrete provides an aesthetically pleasing finish, offers durability and longevity.
Question:  Maintaining decorative, coloured and natural concrete?
Exterior concrete should be maintained annually with concrete sealants.  As our warmer weather approaches concrete that has been exposed to winter salts should be cleaned thoroughly.  This task should be completed even if you cannot visually see the salt.  Iron planters should have a protective base as they will create rust spots on your new concrete.
Question:  Common Problems with concrete?
Large Cracks and Surface Delamination:  Large cracks are caused due to improper base preparation as well as the installer pouring the concrete too wet causing weakness in the concrete.  Hairline cracks may appear; however saw cutting control joints will help prevent this from occurring.  Concrete must be cured enough to accept water or the surface will be weakened causing delamination or shaling during our winter climate.
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